7 Tips for a Successful Contact Lens Exam

Before diving into the tips for a successful contact lens exam, it's important to understand what a contact lens exam actually is. Unlike a standard eye exam, which focuses on determining your prescription for glasses and assessing your overall eye health, a contact lens exam is specifically designed to measure your eyes for the proper fit and prescription of contact lenses.


Your optometrist will take additional measurements of your eyes, such as the curvature and diameter, to ensure the contact lenses fit comfortably and provide clear vision. They will also evaluate your tear production and the overall health of your eyes to determine if you are a good candidate for contact lenses. If you're wondering what to expect during a contact lens exam, anticipate a more comprehensive evaluation than your typical eye exam.


Now that you have a better understanding of what a contact lens exam entails, let's dive into the tips for a successful appointment.


1. Arrive Prepared


Before your contact lens exam, do your research and come prepared with any questions or concerns you may have. This includes understanding the different types of contact lenses available, such as daily disposables, extended wear, or specialty lenses, and having a general idea of which type may be best suited for your lifestyle and vision needs. If you have any specific concerns or discomfort with your current glasses, be sure to bring this up during your appointment.



2. Be Honest About Your Lifestyle


Your lifestyle plays a significant role in determining the best type of contact lenses for you. Be honest with your optometrist about your daily routine, hobbies, and any activities that could impact the comfort or effectiveness of your contact lenses. For example, if you frequently participate in sports or outdoor activities, let your optometrist know so they can recommend the most appropriate lenses for your needs.



3. Communicate Your Eye Health History


Your eye health history is an important factor in determining your suitability for contact lenses and the type of lenses that will work best for you. Be sure to inform your optometrist of any past eye infections, allergies, or other issues that could impact your ability to wear contacts comfortably. This information will help your optometrist tailor their recommendations to your specific needs and ensure a successful contact lens exam.



4. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions


As a first-time contact lens wearer, you may have many questions about the process, what to expect, and how to care for your new lenses. Don't be afraid to ask your optometrist any questions you may have during your appointment. They are there to help you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to wear contact lenses and can provide valuable guidance and advice.



5. Practice Proper Hygiene


During your contact lens exam, you will likely be asked to handle contact lenses for the first time. It's essential to practice good hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or handling the lenses. This not only helps prevent the spread of germs but also reduces the risk of eye infections and ensures a successful contact lens fitting.



6. Be Patient and Give Yourself Time to Adjust


If you've never worn contact lenses before, it can take some time to get used to the feeling of having them in your eyes. Be patient with yourself during the fitting process and give yourself time to adjust to the new sensation. Your optometrist will guide you through the process and help you become more comfortable with wearing and handling your new contact lenses.



7. Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment


It's important to schedule a follow-up appointment with your optometrist to ensure your lenses are fitting properly and providing you with clear, comfortable vision. This appointment is typically scheduled a week or two after your initial exam and allows your optometrist to address any issues or concerns you may have with your new lenses.





Navigating the world of contact lenses for the first time can be intimidating, but with the right preparation and mindset, your contact lens exam can be a positive and successful experience. By understanding what a contact lens exam is, arriving prepared, being honest about your lifestyle and eye health history, asking questions, practicing proper hygiene, being patient with yourself, and scheduling a follow-up appointment, you'll be well on your way to enjoying the freedom and convenience that contact lenses can provide.

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